Sounds of PDX on Portland Radio Project

I host the radio show Sounds of PDX on Portland Radio Project Tuesdays from 7pm-9pm. The format is something unique - I invite a different co-host every week to promote an upcoming show or release, and we build the playlist together. We feature my guest's original work and the music that influences and inspires them. Tune in sometime - it's a great experience.

Portland Radio Project (PRP) is a local, independent, nonprofit radio station in Portland, Oregon. By featuring local musicians (we play a local song every 15 minutes!), reporting on important public service work, and partnering with local groups, we are giving the microphone back to community voices - those of artists, nonprofits, and small businesses. 

PRP has been honored for outstanding achievement with two Edward R. Murrow Awards, the highest honor in electronic journalism. The awards recognize the website and Community Voices series. Read more about the awards here.